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Sourdough breads: Handcrafted, no additional sugars, preservatives or additives; crusty, tasty authentic bread in its purest form, 100% natural.
Pastries & Small Breads: Be it their croissants or their small breads, be assured that they were baked last night. They don’t sell yesterday’s products today. Enjoy their croissants, cinnamon rolls, buns, ciabatta and cheese sticks.
Sweet & Savoury: You will not go wrong with their cookies, apple pies, apple turnover, cakes, pies and samosas.
Sandwiches: A variety of sandwiches (chicken curry, chicken avocado, tuna & cheese) on a variety on breads to choose: Plain Ciabatta, Olive Ciabatta, Spelt Pistolet or White Pistolet. Website:

Call: +254 700 185 566 or Email:

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