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Anne Kiwia (Dar es Salaam)

Each and every headband is designed in bespoke fashion, and embody a blending of cultures in a true labour of love. Their passion is to enhance the beauty, celebrate the strength and promote the unity of women. They handcraft our high-end fashion product using upcycled fabrics found in the markets of Tanzania.
Each headband has a story - the fabric holds a tale of journeys across the world, preloved garments discovered and handpicked by Anne Kiwia in the busy vendor streets of Dar es Salaam. Seeking out the finest textiles among masses of preloved clothes is a process of patience, passion and skill.

"Her team of ladies she calls Warriors are strong and smart, hardworking and well practiced in overcoming obstacles. Together they are a community of queens that are inspired to dream big..." Anne Kiwia


Anne Kiwia (Dar es Salaam)
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