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"Step into the vibrant world of COCOLILI, where African flair meets contemporary chic!
Since bursting onto the scene in 2016, COCOLILI has been the go-to destination for premium African fashion that's as bold and unique as you are. From sleek office wear to breezy resort attire, laid-back lounge pieces, and stylish footwear, they've got it all in our signature quirky African prints that are sure to turn heads wherever you go!
In 2022, COCOLILI made waves with the launch of The Swim Shop, introducing sustainable and ethically produced bikinis and one-piece swimsuits that stole the spotlight at New York Fashion Week in February 2023. In November 2023, the brand unveiled The Fitness Shop, featuring eco-friendly athletic wear that's as good for the planet as it is for your workout routine.
Making its grand debut in May 2024 at Bargain Box, COCOLILI will elevate your loungewear game to new heights with our upcoming Chic Slumber Collection. Get cozy, stay stylish, and join them as they continue to redefine African fashion, one fabulous collection at a time! Website:

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