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Katush, a conscious and compassionate leisure brand from Africa, caters to confident, reflective global citizens who prioritize quality, versatility, and sustainability in original design. Each collection begins with an exploration of Africa's rich heritage, with chosen subjects translated into contemporary silhouettes adorned with prints and design features. Skilled artisans in Kenya bring these creations to life while preserving traditional craft techniques.
Internationally renowned, Katush has graced runways at prestigious events like Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Lagos Fashion Week, and more. Notable exhibitions at institutions like the Brooklyn Museum and London's Victoria & Albert Museum have showcased Katush's evocative designs. The brand has received accolades from programs like Lagos Fashion Week Fashion Focus and the Ethical Fashion Initiative's Kenya Accelerator, now proudly part of the Cannex 2023 Cohort.
Gwaride Collection, born out of collective creation, draws inspiration from Maasai beading and modern Kenyan art to celebrate East African heritage. This gender-inclusive and innovative collection emphasizes sustainability and highlights African artisans' evolution of traditional production methods. Website:

Call: +254 731 431 353/+254 710 680 768 or Email:

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