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Sirimon Cheese

They’re an independent artisanal cheese studio in the heart of Laikipia County at the foot of Mount Kenya. Their artisanal cheese studio embraces innovation and technology alongside the tradition of cheese craft. Here, the meandering Sirimon River provides the basis of our distinct taste - pure, untainted water. Together with the local farmers they nurture the pastures and care for the cows that give us the rich creamy milk for which their cheese is known.
Their passion lies not just in the art of cheese making but also in the provenance of exceptional ingredients, the starting point for all our distinctly natural cheeses.
Specialty ingredients, smoking techniques and spice infusions come together in their distinct limited-edition range, Sirimon Artisanal. Seasonally crafted in small batches with precision to reflect a characteristically fine taste. Website:

Sirimon Cheese
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