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The Hills Signature Candle Collection

They hand pour soy scented candles, currently have five scented candle collections

1. The Signature Collection-This collection has selected timeless signature scents.
2. The Garden Collection- Inspired by wildflowers and botanical trellising, this collection explores a leafy
palette, with flower-specked accents.
3. The Midnight Collection- This collection is a celebration of unique and rare ingredients exposing you to
invigorating and sophisticated scents.
4. The Destination Collection- Inspired by nature and its beautiful landscapes and different locations.
5. The Mini Candle Collection- This collection is a curation the best sellers, a touch smaller, but still as l

Unscented Pillar Candles - This collection of sculpted pillar candles are elegant centre pieces.

Candle Accessories
1. Glass cloche- An elegant way to display and store your candles.
2. Wick Trimmer- Candle care accessory.
3. Electric lighter- Sleek rechargeable lighter, making lighting your candle easier and cleaner.

The Hills Signature Candle Collection
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