....a Crazy Sale Bonanza.....!

Start Date: 2020-05-23
End Date: 2020-05-24
Venue:Marula Manor

............6 months after the frenzy of Xmas shopping , an Upmarket sale bonanza is the perfect concept to entice customers and benefit the exhibitors.


For the shoppers, the fair offers a family day out and a chance to grab great deals from their favorite brands.





Saturday 23rd May

9am BargainBoX opens
6pm BargainBoX closes 

Sunday 24th May

9am BargainBoX opens
5:30pm BargainBoX closes


Food court at Marula Manor

Different menus from 5 different caterers (Nyama choma, Shawarma, Pizza, Salads, Sandwishes, Hot dogs,...) 

Kids Entertainment

Trampoline, Water Balls, Bubble soccer, Bouncing Castle, Pop Corns, Candy Floss,...


Adults: 500

Kids: 200